Just, wow

Movies are powerful. At the start, we know little and care nothing about the people and journey ahead. When we enter their world, we become immersed in their hopes, dreams, secrets, problems, and the foes and flaws that threaten to ruin them. We find ourselves laughing, crying, gasping, trembling, hurting, hoping, even praying for the person on the screen - and maybe ourselves in the process. Amazing. And it all starts with two words: FADE IN.

My brand

As a writer, it's my privilege to cover a lot of territory. With more than 200 produced credits in film, TV, and video, the common thread is this: complex stories laced with emotional power and hope - 

stories to be felt and remembered.

About Me

  • Stereotypical Writer:  I'm curious. I love research. I have a hand signal to alert my husband to be quiet when I'm eavesdropping.
  • Not a Stereotypical Writer:  I'm allergic to cats and I never have writer's block.  (Could writer's block be caused by cats? Research this.)
  • Stereotypical Californian: I scheme about which highways to take and when. I do Pilates. I have an orange tree in my yard. I sometimes cook with tofu.
  • Not a Stereotypical Californian:  I make my lefse and rommevafler "the old way". I can dance the polka. I never go to a church potluck without a hot dish in a quilted carrier. (But the hot dish may contain tofu.)
  • When I'm Not Writing: I'll be skiing, kayaking, hiking, or spending time with family.  My husband, Michael, and I also serve together on the board of Branch Lutheran Schools of Haiti.

Recent work


  • To the Ends of the Earth, 2018
  • My Son, My Savior, 2016


  • Gone But not Forgiven
  • Low Road
  • Backyard Pirates


  • Puppies on Ice
  • Once Upon an Island
  • Empty Grave at the Crossroads
  • Sow's Ear


  • Revolutionaries, PBS, 13 episodes
  • Meeting the Challenge, 26 episodes
  • Microsoft Insider: Live, 3 episodes
  • Blast Off, 3 episodes
  • Entertainment Tonight, segments
  • E! News Daily, segments


  • Red Cross Heroes Series, 3 episodes

Computer History Museum Revolution Series, 18 episodes

  • Revolution
  • Human Computers
  • IBM: Ever Onward
  • Who Invented Computers?
  • Colossus: Breaking the Code
  • History of Databases
  • Digital Dark Age
  • The Art of Writing Software
  • The Cray Way
  • From Sand to Silicon
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Graphics: Gateways to New Worlds
  • Story of Spacewar!
  • Roots of Microsoft
  • Navigating Knowledge: Hypertext Pioneers
  • Birth of the World Wide Web
  • Dot Com Boom and Bust
  • Revolution: What's Next
  • Computer History Museum Make Software Series, 8 episodes
  • Make Software: Car Crash Simulator
  • Make Software: MP3 & iTunes
  • Make Software: MRI
  • Make Software: Photoshop
  • Make Software: Texting
  • Computer History Museum, Fellows Awards, 9 episodes


  • Microsoft
  • Intel
  • Red Cross
  • Goodwill Industries
  • C8 Medisensors


  • USA Today
  • Church Production Magazine
  • The Videomaker Guide to Video Production